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Understand your challenges and learn how to transform them into divine gifts.

Let The Numbers Guide Your Way

Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

The Diamond Light Numerology System gives you the insight and tools you need to create permanent change in your emotions, your relationships and your daily life.

Diamond Light Numerology©

The Diamond Light Numerology System©:


  • is amazingly accurate,

  • is an in-depth map for both emotional and spiritual understanding,

  • is direct and easy to apply, and

  • gives you simple tools for lasting inner transformation.

The Numbers help you:


  • understand what makes you tick and how you can transform yourself in remarkable ways,

  • discover the blessings and challenges of your relationships with your loved ones so that you can understand why they are in your life and what the gift is.

Courses are held on a regular basis and include a breathwork meditation to help you shift stuck energy based on the wisdom of your own birthday.

Discover your Soul's Path and Evolve your Life!


‘Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom’ -Aristotle

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your patterns

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your gifts and talents

You will learn:

  • your Sacred Equation© based on your own birthday

  • how to unlock your own unique potential and soul purpose,

  • how to transform your own personal challenges in this lifetime.


Advanced channeled information from the Union of Love & Light will focus on how to access your Soul’s unique gifts and share them with the world!

You will also learn from your Sacred Equation© your:

  • Soul’s Shadow Numbers,

  • Original Soul Wound, and

  • Union Number


This will help you activate and illuminate your Soul’s intelligence and powers of manifestation.

Also Includes:

  • Sacred Equation Chart,

  • Soul Activation Meditation, and

  • Transformational Exercises.

It's time to activate your Soul purpose!


This workshop is open to everyone with no prior knowledge of numerology necessary.

Small group virtual workshop sharing the wisdom of Diamond Light Numerology©.

£44 per person

Private 1:1 Diamond Light Numerology Session

Use the wisdom of your own numbers to help transform your challenges into gifts.

In this session, you will gain insight into the Power and Purpose of the Emotions.

You will gain understanding and ultimate freedom for your journey.


£99 per session

Heart Tree Numerology

What people are saying...

My integration is remarkable. I let go of my self-doubts.  Since a few days I can really surrender to the Now. I understand a lot of was going on in my life and stopped concerning about my origin family. I understand now better the relation to my son and what I project on him and what my daughter needs. 

It is pretty amazing how everything has its place. Nothing happened by chance. 

I am grateful for having found showing this teachings. 

Yesterday I went to my friends. We spent 3,5 hours analyzing her family. At the end she was also pretty amazed how everything is related to the other. 

Literally WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!


You are a shining star and your glow ever brighter


Amazing!  Deep Deep DEEP


thank you 

Sarah, United Kingdom

Would highly recommend the numerology workshop. I learnt a lot about myself and how to guide others. Tim has great knowledge and intuitive feedback. He holds space well and really cares about the questions you ask. Thanks.

Lexi Dells - Waves of Wellness, U.K.

Learning through Tim is a wonderful experience.


His empathy & support is something that you wouldn't find in too many courses/workshops elsewhere.


He not only shares his vast knowledge, but also his own life experiences which in itself creates a warmth & feeling of belonging. I've done various types inner work with him & through this have been able to deal with many of my own demons, & begin to move forwards in a positive way.


Thank you from my heart

Explore Diamond Light

What is Diamond Light

Diamond Light is based on the philosophy that within all life is One Light and this One Light is also the spiritual aspect of you that transcends all time, space, and suffering. We know this One Light as Consciousness. The symbol of the Diamond is a reflection of the many precious and multi-faceted aspects you possess within you and when you become consciously connected to this luminous universal energy field, a transformation and inner integration may take place. For this to occur, you must start to feel the power and presence of this invisible force that sustains us all.

What are Diamond Light Activations

Diamond Light Activations are an initiation ritual that reawakens your connection to your higher self by opening your natural channels of awareness. The activations bring you into unity, balance, and harmony with your true path and attuning you to a higher vibrational awareness of your own higher-self energy. Inspired by the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, Diamond Light Activations are an awakening program that is complemented by evolutionary healing methods that you will be able to use on yourself and others. The Kabbalistic Tree explains the mystical nature, structure, and substance of our Universe and has been studied for thousands of years. Within the Diamond Light system, there are 3 Temples that are linked to your own Tree Of Life:

  1. Temple of the Sun
  2. Temple of the Moon
  3. Temple of the Stars
​These Temples dwell timelessly the central pillar of the Tree Of Life and also exist within you as the living blueprint of creation itself. As there are 10 energy centres in the Tree of Life, there are also 10 Diamond Lights within you. The Activations attune you to the individual energies of the Solar System (Soul System) and the higher consciousness of its Planets and the galaxies beyond. We are each perfect reflection of the Universe - as it is of us. Each Temple contains 3 Diamond Light Centres or, Spheres of Intelligence, where consciousness and matter meet. Upon their 'Activation', you will discover the inspiration and abilities that lie just beneath the surface of your everyday consciousness. ​‘The Diamond Light Activations, Symbols, Techniques and Numerology that you are gifted with during the Diamond Light Course also possess the divine intelligence of One Spirit and offer substantial training and transcendence from debilitating beliefs and emotions to the direct and tangible reality of Universal Intelligence within yourself.’

What is Diamond Light Numerology?

Diamond Light Numerology is very different to conventional numerology in that it links directly to the individual's Mental, Emotional and Soul bodies. Diamond Light Numerology, like other Diamond Light teachings is inspired by the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and based on the sacred equations from your own birthday, you will uncover your emotional patterns and obstacles that hold you back from fully expressing your gifts and reaching your potential. Diamond Light Numbers teaches you practical wisdom to help you transform these blocks permanently. Learn more about Diamond Light Numerology.

Do I need to have any previous experience?

No previous experience is needed. Diamond Light Teachings are safe, natural and in our experience deeply restorative.

What happens during the activations?

Everyone's experience will be different. The Activations initiate a very tangible transference of spiritual energy to the electromagnetic energy fields of your inner Diamond Lights (Chakras). This then creates a natural and gentle process of release to begin allowing greater frequencies and levels of Consciousness to both anchor and awaken within you.

I use other healing techniques like Reiki and Chakra Balancing, what will happen?

Diamond Light in no way conflicts with any other healing modalities you teach or work with. The Diamond Light system is based on the energy centres as mapped in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. This is different to the chakra system as it has been taught to many of us. It is our experience that people working with other systems and modalities deepen their knowledge and experience through Diamond Light. Diamond Light is complementary to other forms of healing.

What about other types of Numerology?

Diamond Light Numerology is a complementary system. It doesn't in any way conflict with or contradict existing systems of numerology. Our experience with Numerologists who come to Diamond Light Numerology Workshops is that they are able to deepen their experience of the numbers in a new way and add Diamond Light Numerology as a new dimension to their own teachings.

What is the Kabbalistic Tree of Life?

The Tree of Life, or the Kabbalah, is a Kabbalistic a map of consciousness, a geometrical symbol of the complete universe, composed of ten spheres, called the Sephiroth, and 22 connecting paths. It is a diagrammatic representation of the thirty-two Paths of Wisdom, which relate to the number of times that the name of God was found in the Genesis.
The Kabbalists understood that the mysteries of life couldn’t be proved and for that reason they developed, through the combination of many elements of religion and mathematics, the kabalistic paths whose aid of understanding is to know oneself and the laws and forces of the Universe. The micro and macrocosmic view of existence.
The word Kabbalah means "to receive" and the core of this teaching relies on the fact that the spiritual and the physical worlds not isolated from each other, but closely linked. Beause of its high desire to receive, humanity represents not only the bridge between these two worlds, but it also carries the potential to fulfill their unification.
The Tree is a model of the template of the all world, a model of the Universe which carries within its own system of rules and laws.
The kabbalistic statement "As above, so below" highlights the concept that everything we see in this world is only a reflection to something occurring beyond outward phenomena.


Who created the Diamond Light System

The Diamond Light system was channeled from divine sources by Jennifer Starlight. Jennifer has written four books and is working on further volumes related to the Diamond Light Consciousness. You can learn more about Jennifer's work at The Invisible College

What Training & Certifications Do You Have?

Tim Snell has received his own Activations to the Diamond Light Consciousness in 2019. He has worked with Jennifer through aspects of his own self-healing journey since 2017. Tim trained as a Diamond Light Temple Teacher in early 2020. He is certified to teach:

  1. Diamond Light Activations
  2. Diamond Light Numerology