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dare to create your dream life


"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you"

Maya Angelou, poet

your influence by being YOU
Image by Caleb Lucas
We all carry the seeds of potential within us.
Live authentically and activate that potential.

Everyone wants to create an impact in one way or another, and part of that impact is about being true to yoursel.


  • Do you feel trapped and exhausted?

  • Are you waking up bored with your work but can't quite understand why?

  • Do you yearn for something different but somehow find yourself in the same place with the same problems?

  • Are you confused about what your next step is?

Chances are you're holding back and you have a story overlaying everything that's going on underneath, and it's exhausting. In fact, most people are aware that it is this story and themselves that are holding them back... and they allow it.

The truth is:

  1. You can rewrite your story and change the ending

  2. You can re-invent yourself, live differently and make the impossible possible

  3. To suffer or not is a choice we make every day - which one are you making?

My clients come to me asking for small improvements in their way of being, or support on a long-term challenge they've never shared. 

I challenge their beliefs about what it means to be an authentic leader, and I invite them to consider a much bigger opportunity to make the impossible possible as a way of life.

a legacy you want to live right now
Nurture your future with coaching. Small plant growing from seed
live that legacy today

Whether you run a business, a team or a company, good coaching works and the best performing sportsmen, business leaders and businesses engage coaches to help them reach more success than they would ever reach on their own. 


I've helped people to:

✅ see what they can't see

✅ transform challenges to realise their gifts

✅ release old patterns and create new ways of being

✅ move beyond the stories of the past

✅ build their confidence and ignite their creativity

✅ achieve success, happiness and joy they never thought possible.

I will help you see what you either can't see or what you don't want to see so that you can look at it, process it, integrate it and take the next step forward.

My work looks at all facets of who you are and what's going on. It may involve introspection, mentoring, coaching or even meditation.

re-discover your purpose and live your mission

Use life coaching to find your way
you don't have to do it alone

Creating change in any sphere of your life can be tough. 


Doing it alone without support is even harder.


✅ An ally you can count on when it gets really tough

✅ Help to dial down the noise and find that voice inside

✅ Proven tools to create the change and stick with it

✅ The support you need to navigate the complexity

✅ A champion of your cause when you're stuck

✅ An independent voice who will listen, challenge and help you find your own answers

As your coach, I also remind you when to slow down so that you can truly speed up.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

When you want to transform your life, you have to be prepared for intensity. I am known for my ability to create a powerful space for reflection, support and deep work. I offer razor sharp insights from a place of love and service by listening at all levels of communication.

Each coaching engagement includes 6 key elements to support the co-creation of your transformation.

Free 90-minute exploration

to learn what lights you up and get some insight into how we might work together. It's about both of us being aligned to work together.

A powerful partnership

that lasts for 6 or 12 months. I don't believe in packages or complicated offers. Real change takes time and I'm committed to helping you dig deep and move mountains.

An envelope of trust

based on a set of agreements that creates space for deep transformation.

Deep dive into your natural genius

using Wealth Dynamics or Talent Dynamics to learn your natural strengths and ways of working, how you see the world and relate to other people.

Personalised resources

to help you explore topics of interest and materials to help you accelerate your personal development.

A personalised service

made just for you to record your ideas, thoughts, whatever. Journals are either leather or eco-bound - you choose!



I have been plagued for years with an underlying issue and blockage around my creative passions. Tim was extremely compassionate, non-judgmental and very professional in his work with me. He introduced new ways of self discovery for me that hit my core so deeply, I was barely able to speak (this happens to me when I am receiving deep healing and truths that I recognize).


Through Tim’s wise guidance I am now able to enjoy the process in my work rather than freezing at the thought of imperfection.

Tim genuinely assists you from his heart, to help you discover the truth about the real self- lovable you!

— Shirley - Artist, Canada