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This could be the most profound and sacred experience in your life.

Are you tired of systems that highlight your problems, but don't help you to manage the emotional impact of the changes you want to make?

The Diamond Light system brings a new awareness of the patterns and challenges that keep you stuck, and it helps you create tangible change in your life.

Why Diamond Light:


You will:

  • bring sacred union to body, mind, and spirit,

  • awaken your own Soul’s Intelligence (Higher Self) and its Gifts,

  • learn powerful ancient symbols that elevate and enhance your everyday life,

  • bring balance and harmony to yourself, your relationships, home environment, and work spaces,

  • clear emotional & physical blocks so that new pathways of inspiration and information can be received,

  • amplify other healing modalities you use or teach, and

  • bring to your awareness all that needs to process and to heal for your complete transformation.

3 Levels of Activation


The Path of Receptivity


The Path of Receptivity activates the feminine aspect of Spirit within ourselves.
It is represented by the element of water and our physical/emotional bodies and initiates a beautiful foundation of inner health, energy, creativity & groundedness to shine forth, transforming the experience of self abuse & self rejection which keeps us from loving and connecting to our own bodies, our planet and fellow man.
The Earth Star, Base & Sacral Diamond Centres are Activated.



The Path of Intensity


The Path of Intensity activates the masculine aspect of Spirit within ourselves.


It is represented by the element of fire and its free expression through the right use of our Divine Will, opening us to the power of our intuition, love and compassion and our connection to all things, transforming the experience of denial, self betrayal & resistance to our Soul’s true path.


The Heart, Solar Plexus & Throat Diamond Centres are Activated.


The Path of New Vision


The Path of New Vision activates the totality of  infinite consciousness within ourselves.
It is represented by the element of air initiating the unfolding of the unbounded Universe around us, transforming limited and debilitating human conditioning and belief systems while initiating new multi-faceted  perceptions of truth and understanding beyond our physical realm.
The Third Eye, Crown & Soul Star Diamond Centres are Activated.

Activation Schedule


The Activations workshop is split across 2 days and will include:

  • 3 Activations,

  • Guided Meditation Journeys,

  • Healing Symbols,

  • Distant Healing,

  • Healing Essences, and

  • Group Sharing.


All teaching is live. There are no recordings or recorded learning for these sessions.

Explore Diamond Light


DURACIÓN DE LAS CARILLAS ​Las carillas son una fina capa de porcelana que se adhiere al diente para corregir defectos estéticos. Es un tratamiento duradero que mejorar el aspecto de nuestros dientes pero el tiempo de duración depende de varios factores: El material utilizado: Las carillas pueden realizarse de composite o porcelana. El primero es una resina más económica y tiene mayor probabilidad de fracturarse que la porcelana, pero aun así puede durar entre 5 y 7 años. La porcelana es un material más resistente y caro y su duración puede estar alrededor de los 20 años. La higiene bucodental: A pesar de que la resina o la porcelana son materiales de diferente dureza, el cuidado diario es fundamental para mantener estas piezas en perfecto estado. Cepillarse los dientes de manera regular, 3 veces al día y el uso de seda dental, ayudarán a alargar el tiempo de duración de las carillas dentales. Revisiones periódicas: La resina es un material que por sus características se puede deteriorar con mayor facilidad que la porcelana, por ello es importante acudir al dentista cada 6 o 12 meses y realizar una revisión de la boca. Igualmente, si las carillas son de porcelana no hay que descuidar las visitas regulares al odontólogo. Alimentos: Las carillas son elementos resistentes pero hay que tener especial cuidado si mordemos un hueso, semillas o cáscaras que puedan fracturarlas.


La porcelana es un material cerámico muy resistente y fuerte. Este procedimiento dura muchos años, alrededor de 20 años. Con nuestra tecnología Cerec ahorras tiempo. Puedes realizarte las cuatro carillas en solo una sesión clínica, lo que antes se hacía en 4 a 5 sesiones. Este tipo de tratamiento estético es seguro y no es agresivo. El cuidado de las carillas de porcelana es muy simple, requiere los mismos hábitos higiénicos que los dientes normales y acudir al dentista a las revisiones habituales.​​ El color de las carillas de porcelana es idéntico al de los dientes originales. Diseño de restauración preciso, al ser computarizado. Las carillas ofrecen una sonrisa muy natural. Es una ventaja no solo estética sino psicológica porque aumenta la autoestima al poder hablar o sonreír sin preocuparse por los dientes.

One:One Diamond Light Sessions

Diamond Light 1:1 Healing with Tim Snell

Diamond Light Healing/Coaching

A One:One session offers the opportunity:

  • gain deep insight into the obstacle or challenge you are facing

  • actively participate in your own transformation

  • release the imprinting that keeps you misaligned and separated from your Divine Natural Awareness

60 - 90 minute session

Contribution: £99/115 per person

Diamond Light Activation Workshop in London

Small group virtual weekend retreat includes all three Diamond Light Activations & Diamond Light teachings.

Maximum of 6 per class

£333 per person

Diamond Light Numbers
Diamond Light Activations
Heart Math Add Heart Facilitator
Natural Wisdom Leaders
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Diamond Light Numbers
Diamond Light Activations
Heart Math Add Heart Facilitator
Natural Wisdom Leaders
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Brightsky Founding Member
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BetterUp Conscious Business
Barefoot Coaching Trained Coach

What people are saying...

I loved ether. It made me connect to everything... I realised that I am part of the universe. It was an amazing experience with an amazing group. I feel happy and aware of myself.

Romina, Argentina

My integration is remarkable. I let go of my self-doubts.  Since a few days I can really surrender to the Now. I understand a lot of was going on in my life and stopped concerning about my origin family. I understand now better the relation to my son and what I project on him and what my daughter needs. 

It is pretty amazing how everything has its place. Nothing happened by chance. 

I am grateful for having found showing this teachings. 

Yesterday I went to my friends. We spent 3,5 hours analyzing her family. At the end she was also pretty amazed how everything is related to the other. 

Exploration of the elements was a big learning process as I dove deeply into my inner realms experiencing with each element the platonic solids and visualizing the perfect alignment together with the breath the music. It was a trip to a new dimension.

Definitely Tim can offer this entire package as a go to place for anyone seeking connection with them selves in regard to the outer worlds on a deeper level.

Nada, France

Learning through Tim is a wonderful experience. His empathy & support is something that you wouldn't find in too many courses/workshops elsewhere. He not only shares his vast knowledge, but also his own life experiences which in itself creates a warmth & feeling of belonging. I've done various types inner work with him & through this have been able to deal with many of my own demons, & begin to move forwards in a positive way. Thank you from my heart

Amanda, United Kingdom

Would highly recommend the numerology workshop. I learnt a lot about myself and how to guide others. Tim has great knowledge and intuitive feedback. He holds space well and really cares about the questions you ask. Thanks.

Lexi Dells - Waves of Wellness, U.K.

I loved Tim's initiative to combine SOMA breathwork with Ancient Andean Wisdom and working with the Elements. His knowledge and guidance have strengthened my relationship with the elements, as well as my connection to myself—my body, mind and spirit. 


Tim's energy and meditations are simply beautiful. I often find myself surrounded by love. Thank you!

I am really grateful for having participated in this journey as it had me liberated in a deeper way . Alone I could not have done this. In this sacred space with loving support , I could easily let go of old stuff and open up. As I was one time afraid and unsure I got immediately one to one support for free. Really excellent. Thank you 🥰😘😘😘🌺🐬🥰

Maitte, Indonesia

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