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Inspired Wisdom

30 Days to Self Mastery &  Freedom

A 5 Elements Coaching and Breathwork Program For Deep Transformation and Healing



Release old patterns and limitations so that you can create more space for heartfelt love, joy, peace and happiness


Create physical, emotional, mindful and soulful alignment for greater health, creativity, vitality and success


Get clarity on your unique gifts and the steps you can take to live your life with purpose, impact and success

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Overcome the obstacles that are keeping you stuck

Are you tired of programs that show you the problems without giving you the support you need to overcome them?

Inspired Wisdom gives you the tools you need when you need them most.

It's an immersive program that helps you break free of the need to outsource your pain, suffering and your healing to someone else.

Ultimately, all change is up to you and the Inspired Wisdom team is here to help you make positive and permanent changes in your life.


Connect deeply to your own truth, gain deep insights into the world around you, and work with techniques that have stood the test of time to be as relevant today as they were in ancient times. Let the 5 Elements guide your transformation.


Release energetic patterns and imprints that have been holding you back from better health and vitality


Understand your primary emotional challenges and learn how to transform them into your unique gifts.


Re-awaken and strengthen your connection to your intuition so you can follow the your deepest truth


Master your mindset and learn how to release fear, anxiety and stress. Learn how to transcend your limitations to reach your goals


Learn how to manifest powerfully so that your goals are a place to come from rather than a place to get to.

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What is Inspired Wisdom?


It's not just a cheeky play on words...


To inspire is 'to create a feeling or idea', and it also means 'to breathe in'. The breath is the golden thread of our lives and breath mastery is the foundation stone of every healing modality I've learned - only it's rarely spoken about so obviously.

Inspired Wisdom brings together tools and techniques that help you to transform obstacles in the areas of physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental wellbeing. 

You will be able to cut through the confusion to bring more clarity to your path, your purpose, and the path of your own heart.

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Why 30 Days?


Harmonise yourself with the timeless cycles of nature

29.5 days is a complete lunar cycle - a cycle that has been constant since time immemorial. It's no surprise that creating new habits and mastering change is said to take a month.

Inspired Wisdom encodes natural wisdom in practical tools and techniques that help you re-connect to the knowledge and cycles that we humans have forgotten. We will work with the 5 elements, ancient wisdom and contemporary tools for change.

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Natural Wisdom for Practical Change


Knowledge of our world and the universe is encoded in many ancient philosophies. Inspired Wisdom introduces you to a timeless framework for self-empowerment in a grounded and practical way.


Indigenous traditions share cosmologies grounded in the directions we associate with the compass. These complex systems have helped these tribes to navigate their world through a deep relationship to the natural world.

Inspired Wisdom uses this universal framework to connect you to a deeper truth about yourself and the world around you.


You will work with the wisdom of the four directions (and more), their connection to the 5 elements, and each of the domains of self-mastery:

  • Earth - South

  • Water - West

  • Air - North

  • Fire - East

  • Centre - Ether

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Harness The Power of Breath


Bring it all together with Breathwork


Using transformative breathwork techniques that supercharge you into a heightened state of awareness, you will connect to the deepest parts of yourself. Breathwork has been used in all traditions throughout the ages and it is the fastest path of transformation.

This technique is also a powerful self-hypnotic tool for seeding your intentions deep into your subconscious mind and allowing you to explore a deeper connection to the elements in a safe and personalised way.

Be prepared for a life full of positive surprises and synchronicities when you begin your journey of awakening to your full human potential.

The style of breathwork we use will naturally simulate the scientifically proven method of intermittent hypoxic training (IHT) without needing the expensive equipment that is essential for IHT. The benefits of IHT are explained below.



The program is structured to deliver a power-packed month of insight, tools and opportunities to take action. You will have access to a self-paced learning platform with all the content and a weekly group call to go deeper.


Each weekly call includes the following elements:

  • Group connection and transformational coaching

  • Additional knowledge about each domain of self-mastery

  • Immersive breathwork journey

  • Questions & Answers

The online content will be accessible through an app as well as via the desktop.


Getting Started

Before we begin, you will:

  • onboard onto the desktop or mobile app

  • receive a full schedule of group calls and times

  • have received your preparation materials.



Releasing Old Patterns

You will:

  • Explore your own connection to your physicality,

  • Connect to your body to identify blocks and challenges,

  • Explore the physical world around you in a deeper way, and

  • Create an action plan for the next 30 days.



Transforming Emotional Blocks

You will:

  • Learn your sacred equation based on your birthday,

  • Come to a deeper understanding about your emotional blocks and gifts from a place of humility and grace,

  • learn self-healing techniques to help shift emotional blockages in the body, and

  • feel more comfortable in your own skin.



Aligning to Purpose

You will:

  • Explore your own connection to purpose and what lights you up,

  • Gain deeper insights into your own path of heart/path of purpose,

  • Feel more confident about your place in the bigger picture,

  • Explore your purpose in a deeper, more tangible way.



Envisioning the Future

You will:

  • Create a powerful vision for the future,

  • Learn mindful techniques to help you silence the critic and embody the architect of your own future,

  • Feel a deeper sense of excitement, possibility, and momentum, and

  • Use the power of breathwork to amplify your vision.

Wrap Up

Integration Bonus

We will come together one last time to integrate our learnings, finalise our action plans and share our insights.

And of course we'll have 1 more opportunity to use breathwork to bring it all together.

NOTE: This system is designed to complement your existing treatment, but not replace it without your doctor's supervision. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Whether you’re starting to explore a deeper part of yourself, or you’re ready to take the next step forward, Inspired Wisdom will give you the insights, tools and techniques to create a life of joy, happiness and vitality.

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Live Group Experience with Tim

(Next Class: AUG 2021)

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£375 GBP

  • 6 Live Virtual Group Trainings & Unlimited Access To All Recordings

  • 5 Virtual Breathwork Journeys

  • Weekly Group Coaching and Integration

  • Online Training Material Including Thought Provoking Exercises, Breathwork Meditations & Breathwork Tutorials

  • Lifetime Access To The Complete Inspired Wisdom Series

  • Guided Breathwork Tutorials Teaching You 5 Core Therapeutic Breathwork Techniques

  • Access To A Private Members Area with a Community Forum, Materials and Recordings

  • Individual Emotional Healing Pack

  • Free App Access to track your progress

Self-Study Experience with Tim

(Not Currently Available)

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  • 6 Recorded Virtual Group Trainings & Unlimited Access To All Recordings

  • 5 Recorded Breathwork Journeys

  • Online Training Material Including Thought Provoking Exercises, Breathwork Meditations & Breathwork Tutorials

  • Lifetime Access To The Complete Inspired Wisdom Series

  • Guided Breathwork Tutorials Teaching You 5 Core Therapeutic Breathwork Techniques

  • Access To A Private Members Area with a Community Forum, Materials and Recordings

  • Individual Emotional Healing Pack

  • Free App Access to track your progress

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Amplifying the Breathwork


Using a Medically Approved Therapy With Instantaneous Health Benefits


In our breathwork you will use Intermittent Hypoxic Training. New research shows that intermittent hypoxic training, where you create brief periods of low oxygen levels, can produce almost instantaneous results by actually stimulating stem cells to come out of their niches and move around the body and to places where they can heal and regenerate healthy cells for your organs.

This form of therapy has been used for decades to: